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Wortmannin Merely A Sense of obscurity

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Thirty five 0.042 15 TC207665_362_36_S Putative uncharacterized proteins A9PCS8 TC207665 -2.Thirty-nine Zero.048 Fifteen TC208712_583_40_S Germin-like proteins Q5DT23 TC208712 2.Thirty-five Zero.046 07 TC208745_692_37_S Putative uncharacterized proteins A5C0F7 TC208745 Four.86 Zero.016 Seventeen TC209321_482_35_S VITISV_041870 A5C9V2 TC209321 Six.4 Zero.011 16 TC209504_302_40_S Hydrolase Q4PSL3 TC209504 Only two.81 Zero.013 20 TC211515_728_35_S Protein joining necessary protein, putative B9RBU8 TC211515 Three or more.66 Zero.014 20 TC212954_1137_35_S Predicted necessary protein B9HZ36 TC212954 Only two.02 2.046 21 TC213456_100_34_S Putative D-protein Q6K482 TC213456 Several.97 Zero.035 Twenty-two TC214599_1004_37_S Nodulin-like proteinAt2g16660/T24I21.Seven Q9SLF1 TC214599 Six.87 2.042 Twenty-three TC215994_489_36_S Putative aminotransferase, class Versus household protein Q1H8R9 Thalidomide TC215994 Only two.08 2.036 ? Organic legislations Get: 0065007 ? ? ? ? 24 TC191806_907_40_S BHLH transcriptional Q5GA67 TC191806 Half a dozen.56 3.024 25 TC191963_1058_37_S Ferritin Q308A9 TC191963 -4.Seventy one 3.008 26 TC194645_664_37_S Genetic make-up binding health proteins B9SZX2 TC194645 A dozen.Thirty-four 2.015 29 TC198138_1325_39_S Thioredoxin peroxidase One Q7Y240 TC198138 Seven.Summer 0.046 Twenty eight TC203853_451_35_S Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein 27C B9SSS5 TC203853 A couple of.Ninety days 2.028 30 TC206202_500_40_S Thioredoxin II B9RLX0 TC206202 -2.48 0.048 40 TC215976_330_38_X2 Ferritin Q308A9 TC215976 -3.Sixty-four 2.005 ? Cell phone portion firm as well as biogenesis GO:0071840 31st NP000231_1302_40_S Extensin-like health proteins Dif54 Q43505 NP000231 8-10.22 3.011 32 TC191669_1238_40_S Extensin-like proteins Ext1 Q8VWM5 TC191669 A few.53 2.003 Thirty-three TC204863_245_40_S selleck compound Extensin-like necessary protein Ext1 Q8VWM5 TC204863 8.Before 2000 2.013 Thirty-four TC212258_415_40_S Extensin-like health proteins Dif54 Q43505 TC212258 In search of.Thirteen 3.011 35 TC212487_279_40_S Extensin-like proteins Ext1 Q8VWM5 TC212487 Six.Forty four 2.0004 Thirty five TC214133_1133_40_S Extensin-like proteins Dif10 Q43504 TC214133 Five.Forty two 2.024 ? Cell process Proceed:0009987 Thirty-seven TC207486_546_40_S Pollen certain actin-depolymerizing element 2 Q8H2B6 TC207486 Some.81 0.005 ? Organization of localization Get: 0051234 37 NP796451_1558_36_S Root-specific material transporter Q84LR1 NP796451 Twelve.Double zero 2.024 22 TC191581_1150_36_S Iron-regulated transporter https://www.selleckchem.com/ One particular Q9XFB2 TC191581 9.44 Zero.013 45 TC192292_1560_39_S Hippocampus ample transcript One particular health proteins B9SG70 TC192292 Fourteen.Seventy nine 3.0004 41 TC200857_1001_40_S Ammonium transporter One new member 1 P58905 TC200857 Only two.05 2.043 42 TC205660_580_35_S Metallic threshold protein B9GLJ8 TC205660 Several.77 2.049 Forty three TC206149_966_36_S Aluminum-activated malate transporter Nine Q9LS46 TC206149 Only two.41 3.048 Forty four TC208376_922_36_S Oligopeptide transporter, putative B9SA63 TC208376 17.Sixty seven 0.004 Forty-five TC215768_1111_35_X2 Aquaporin Q8W506 TC215768 -2.Goal Zero.023 Fouthy-six TC215874_553_40_S Sec14 cytosolic issue, putative B9S6A7 TC215874 3.A few Zero.009 48 TC216882_1121_38_X2 Hippocampus considerable log One proteins B9SG70 TC216882 9.Twenty nine 2.003 ? Fat burning capacity Move:0008152; Carbon use Proceed:0015976 Forty eight TC204225_1412_35_S Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase P27154 TC204225 Three.31st 3.
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